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The shelter

10/02/2021: We have been able to open our employment project in the summer of 2020. This means that we have something to offer to those who will live in our shelter. Therefore we started to prepare the purchase of the property that will serve as a shelter. Two expert reports have been drawn up regarding the price and the condition of the building. In this process, we discovered that we have to apply for a change in the land usage plan. Last summer, Tobias gave a presentation for the village council about the work of the Czech foundation. Despite the numerous questions the village council approved the change. Later this year the village council will make the proposed change public. Our paralegal expects that the change in the land usage plan will be made official before Christmas 2021. We are very grateful that a few potential investors have offered to help us to purchase the property. Although we cannot cover the entire purchase price with this money yet, we believe that God will provide when the time is right.

Vita Nova Foundation today

Tobias and Margit primarily focus on running the employment project, studying Czech and working on their integration. Tobias teaches English and Margit runs her own dance studio. They try to earn a living by setting up small, socially-oriented businesses, which will serve the local community and provide employment and integration possibilities for the women in the shelter. Over the past year they have developed connections with numerous relevant networks across Europe, and are currently preparing the purchase of the shelter. In order to become fully equipped to work with traumatized women, they are in touch with various organizations that could prepare them for this task. But before they want to enter the training programme, they need to expand their team. Therefore, they are looking for a social worker, a psychologist and a second couple or female individual that want(s) to serve as house parents or house mother.


Tobias and Margit met each other on the mission field in Africa where they worked as a teacher and a midwife, respectively. They married in 2013 and after adjusting to married life moved to the Czech Republic in 2016. Tobias worked as a teacher at the International School of Olomouc while Margit took care of their two children. Their ultimate goal was to purchase a building to provide shelter for those trapped in sexual exploitation. Several months after their immigration they received a chance to accomplish their dream. Tobias and Margit moved to Southern Bohemia in the summer of 2017. They want to buy and renovate the big house that they are currently renting to start sheltering the women. Go to Support for more information.