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We’ve finally bought real estate

21/02/2022: After three years of waiting and preparation, we have been able to finally purchase the real estate that we would like to renovate into a shelter for sexual exploited women with children. Finances became available in the last two months of 2021 and we hope to finish all the paperwork in March this year. We have already started planning the renovation. The first step is building a small house for staff members in the backyard, before we can start renovating the actual building. We are happy to announce that we have found an architect who is willing to start making the first drawings and prepare a preliminary estimation of the building costs. With these documents we are able to apply for the building permission. We do not have all the necessary finances to accomplish all of the renovation plans yet. We would love to get in touch with churches, companies or individuals who want to support us. Do not hesitate to contact us via 

Vita Nova Foundation today

Tobias and Margit are the initiators founders of Vita Nova Foundation. Tobias currently works as an English teacher at a local school in South Bohemia while Margit runs the employment project of the foundation. This baby and children’s clothing store is the first small, social oriented business to make money, enrich the local community, and provide jobs for the women who will be sheltered in the near future. The shop has developed into a popular meeting place since the summer of 2020.

Tobias and Margit also work with a European network to combat human trafficking effectively, and they are looking for people who are willing to contribute to the renovation of the newly purchased property. Because of the increasing paperwork, the renovation, and their wish to prepare themselves academically to shelter traumatized women, Tobias will quit his job as a teacher to gain more time for the mission. The financial gap that will occur, must be covered by the foundation. If you believe in their mission, you can support them with a donation to either the Czech or Dutch bank account under indication of ‘personal gift’. Tobias and Margit know that they are soon not able to continue doing the growing work on their own. Therefore, they are looking for a qualified social worker, a psychologist and a second couple that wants to serve as house parents.


Tobias and Margit met each other on the mission field in Africa where they worked as a teacher and a midwife, respectively. They married in 2013 and, after adjusting to married life, moved to the Czech Republic in 2016. Tobias worked as a teacher at the International School of Olomouc while Margit took care of their two children. Their ultimate goal was to purchase a building to provide shelter for those trapped in sexual exploitation. Several months after their immigration they received a chance to accomplish their dream. Tobias and Margit moved to Southern Bohemia in the summer of 2017. They have just bought the house they were renting and have started planning the major renovation that lays ahead of them. Go to Support for more information.