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You can support us in the following three ways: network, financial, practical.
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We love to meet other people combating human trafficking, people who can help us find investors or funding, or are willing to pray for our mission. Please contact us via this website.


We want to work part-time to cover at least a part of our daily expenses. The remaining time will be focused on Vita Nova. For this we are dependent on donations. When you decide to donate, don’t forget to write how you want us to spend the money: ‘GENERAL MEANS’, ‘HOUSING’, ‘BUILDING FUND’ or ‘EMPLOYMENT PROJECTS’. The donations are tax-deductible in the Netherlands.


Because of the renovation, we would love to get in touch with companies and individuals whose expertise we can use to accomplish our plans. In addition to building materials, we also need craftsmen to fulfill parts of the renovation. We also need high-quality baby and children’s clothes, and prams to keep our employment project well-stocked. We opened this baby-and-children’s clothing store in the summer of 2020. The shop consists of a café and a small indoor playground as well. Please contact us via this website for our latest requests.

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